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User 1: Space & Sci-fiVisual Preferences: Dark w/ Bright AccentsAudio Preferences: High DominanceMain Device: IP-TV STBPrime time: 19:00-23:00
User 2: Animation and cartoonsVisual Preferences: Fast-paced, ColorfulAudio Preferences: EnergeticMain Device: ComputerPrime time: 17:00-20:00
User 3: Supernatural themesVisual Preferences: Dark ShadesAudio Preferences: Suspenseful Undertones Main Device: iPhonePrime time: 18:00-22:00

Vionel Insight

Understand your Content

By understanding your content completely you can also understand your customers and fully leverage your library.

Optimize content strategy, enhance user engagement, and leverage the best recommendation engine out there!

Vionel Discovery

Guide your user

With Vionel Discovery we offer your viewers a true personal experience based on full content understanding boosting their engagement and value.

Based on our award-winning technology and the concept of true personalization, we offer the most comprehensive content discovery solution in the industry.

Vionel API

Customize experience

Through Vionel's flexible API you will be able to discover completely new opportunities in the way you understand and monetize your data.

Create your own customized solutions with respect to e.g. metadata, newsletters, CMS, R&D, and innovation.

About us

We want to solve a universal issue for movie lovers: what to watch and where to watch it. Your users spend way too much time aimlessly searching through content that isn't relevant to them.

Our award winning technology will help you pioneer VOD services, providing relevant insights from your data that enables true personalization of content.

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